George Noory on “Mexico’s Roswell” – Presidio, TX

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In this short clip from “Coast to Coast AM,” host George Noory describes the mid-air collision between a UFO and a plane near Presidio, Texas, on August 25, 1974. Also appearing on the show, author Noe Torres is heard explaining part of the “Mexico’s Roswell” story from his book, co-written with Ruben Uriarte.

Fireworks from Roswell New Mexico – July Fourth 2010

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Fireworks from Roswell New Mexico – Video taken by Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) 7-2-2010

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Robert Swetz (Bangkok Bob) & (Burmese Bob)

Video by Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) – all rights reserved – 6-20-2010

HG Bishop Youssef: Fr Nathanael Guirguis Ordination @ St Mary, Roswell (Atlanta) GA ~ 11/05/17

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HG Bishop Youssef:
Divine Liturgy & Homily (Holy Gospel~St Luke 7:11-17)
Ordination of Fr Nathanael Guirguis
Presbyter for St Mark Coptic Orthodox Church, GA
Ordination @ St Mary Coptic Orthodox Church, Roswell (Atlanta) GA
Chanter & Deacon Ordinations
~ Rev Fr Luka Wassef (absent)
~ Rev Fr Eleia Eskander
~ Visiting Priest
~ 11/05/2017

Albuquerque, New Mexico – Old Town Albuquerque HD (2016)

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Old Town is an historic district in the US city of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Old Town comprises about ten blocks of historic adobe buildings, which surround Old Town Plaza. (Plazas were a common feature of Spanish colonial towns.) On the plaza’s north side stands San Felipe de Neri Church, a Spanish colonial church constructed in the 18th century.

Old Town was assimilated into the city of Albuquerque (“New Town”) in the 1940s; today, it is a shopping and tourist destination. Many of the buildings in Old Town are residences that were converted into restaurants, shops, and art galleries. Bands play in the plaza’s gazebo. During the Christmas and holiday season, thousands of luminarias (paper lanterns) line the streets and walkways.

The Albuquerque Museum of Art and History, the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, and the Explora science center are northeast of Old Town.