The Murder of Baby Briana (Graphic) (Update with sentences in description area)

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This is a disturbing but important story of a fatal case of child abuse. It is the case of baby Briana Lopez, who was abused from birth by both parents and other family members. We as a nation must make cases like these nonexistent.
This story has strengthened my desire to work in the social service field. The reporter is Kim Vallez, and the copyright is by KRQE news 13,
The mother of baby Brianna, Stephanie Lopez, was found not guilty on the charge of intentional child abuse resulting in death.

She was convicted of child abuse resulting in death and child abuse negligent permit.

She was found innocent of intentional child abuse, because she did not inflict the abuse but allowed it to happen.

Brianna’s father, 22-year-old Andy Walters, was convicted of child abuse resulting in death, conspiracy, criminal sexual penetration and two counts of child abuse.

Uncle Steven Lopez was found guilty of child abuse resulting in death, conspiracy and criminal sexual penetration.

Paternal grandmother Patricia Walters and uncle Robert Walters were found guilty of failure to report child abuse.

Susana Martinez asked for the maximum punishment possible for all of them. Sadly, their sentences do not fit their crimes. It took a jury
of seven men and five women nine hours to find all of them guilty.

Andy Walters, the father, received a mere 57 years in prison and
her Uncle Steven Lopez received only 51 years for sexually abusing
and causing the death of Briana due to abuse and neglect.

Stephanie Lopez, her mother received a very short sentence of 27 years in prison for child abuse and neglect resulting in death. The
Jury decided that she was not guilty of intentional abuse since she
did not inflict the abuse but had allowed it to take place.

Briana’s Grandmother, Patricia Walters and her Uncle, Robert Walters Jr each got off easy with only 60 days in jail for failing to
report the abuse and save Briana’s life.

Keep in mind that prisoners usually get out much earlier than the sentences given, with good time, 20% of the sentence can be eliminated. There is also parole available.

As each guilty verdict was read, the Lopez and Watlers families
showed their emotions by embracing and crying. The only one of
the defendants to show emotion at that time was Steven Lopez who
is the twin brother of Stephanie, put his head in his hands and started to cry.

When the jury was dismissed and had left the court room, the
defendants then began to show their emotions by crying and
hugging their lawyers who tried to console them. Stephanie and Steven were allowed to hug eachother and cry before being lead out of the court room by guards.

BIG hits! Bay Area Reapers Vs Miracle City Cougars – FCFL Minor League

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The Bay Area Reapers met the Miracle City Cougars on a rainy day with wet field conditions in Daytona Beach, Florida. The Cougars took the W. Final score: Cougars 30 and Reapers 0. The Cougars have shown they can compete with any team they line up against and after this performance, who can argue that these Big Cat’s can’t win ball games and compete on a very high level.

Coach Clark is in his first year as the Cougars Head Coach – leads the team into unfamiliar territory in the FCFL with a veteran coaching staff and a solid group of players that are proven. The Cougars have what’s considered to be one of the toughest schedules in the FCFL but these Cougars are up for the test. Join the Cougars as they make a run for the FCFL Title so come hunting with the Cougars…Join The Hunt, Let’s Hear Your Roar!!

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To establish a solid foundation and organization, exclusively to foster amateur sports competition, with a goal and purpose of providing an alternative avenue for young male athletes to maintain and increase their skills, gain valuable experience, and improve and advance their opportunities for play at the collegiate or higher level of football;
To establish and provide leadership, organization, pride, professionalism, and integrity through providing a solid foundation capable of functioning as the governing body of a developmental football league;

To establish, adopt, and adhere to the highest possible standards of rules, regulations, and codes of ethics to ensure the continued and proper maintenance of a developmental minor league football program for the benefit of its players, spectators, franchise holders, and the communities in which they live, work, and represent;

To create franchise areas within the Southeastern United States, providing for opportunities to participate in a winter/spring football league;

To offer opportunities to young men and women (18 years of age and older), who may otherwise choose unhealthy, destructive behavior, to participate in constructive, positive community activity, designed for them to gain skills to grow into positive and productive community members, and to mentor other with their newly gained skills in the schools, centers, churches and other appropriate programs throughout the community;

To offer young men and women the opportunity to increase their life skills (decision-making, assumption of responsibility, interpersonal relationships, self-esteem, and parenting.); and,

To increase awareness of and provide assistance for college and career options through college admissions workshops, SAT/ACT test preparation, college opportunities, available scholarships and tuition assistance, career/life planning, self-knowledge, and training options.

A drive through a pretty (rumored to be haunted) area in Columbus, Ohio! 11-23-13

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Our drive first takes us down Walhalla Rd. A little almost fairytale-like holler that’s hidden in a major metropolitan area that was once a riverbed, the area is supposed to be haunted by the ghosts at the Mooney mansion, also story’s of the bridge being haunted by the ghost of a lost love who hung themselves from it because of a jilted relationship! The second part of the video takes is over the Calumet St. Bridge which is the bridge I was just mentioning that we go under on Walhalla. Enjoy! (music: “Alma” – Teddybears) via YouTube Capture

Check, Please! Bay Area reviews: Martins West Pub, Red Tavern, August (1) Five

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Check, Please! Bay Area Season 12 episode 15 reviews: Martins West Pub (Redwood City), Red Tavern (San Francisco), August (1) Five (San Francisco).
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11 Facts About Area 51

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Area 51: one of the most secretive places on the planet. From conspiracy theories to UFO sightings, here are 11 secrets about Nevada’s mysterious military base.

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11: It’s a U.S. Air Force Facility
Area 51 is a part of a US Air Force facility in Nevada that serves as a center for research, development, and testing aircrafts. The origin of Area 51’s name is unclear, but it is commonly thought to come from the grid reference given by the Atomic Energy Commission. The air force base itself is only 6 by 10 miles, but it is encompassed by a restricted air space nearly 25 miles squared centered on the Groom Lake salt flat.
10: It’s Part of a Larger Nuclear Test Site
Area 51 is part of the Nevada Test Site used extensively from 1951 to 1992 for nuclear tests. The region surrounding the Indian Springs was recognized as a potential site for testing.
9: The U.S. Government Denied its Existence
Until quite recently, Area 51 did not even officially exist. For decades Area 51 received no official recognition until the site was finally declassified in 1997, but the projects undertaken there remained a secret. It took a Freedom of Information Act request years to finally get some real information. The CIA officially recognized Area 51’s existence in 2013, and released 355 documents that confirmed
8: Exemption from Environmental Regulations
A group of civilian contractors had once tried to sue the Environmental protection Agency in 1994 over the high levels of dioxin, dibenzofuran, and trichloroethylene found in their bodies after inhaling toxic chemicals burned at Area 51. They suffered skin and liver damage, and some even stopped living from the toxic exposure. But in 1995, President Bill Clinton signed an order exempting the entire area from certain environmental regulations. A similar act
7: Paradise Ranch
Area 51 was once given the nickname “Paradise Ranch” in order to entice employees. Located in the middle of a barren scorching desert, it would only be normal for some government officials to not want to be employed in Area 51. The area is full of dust and sand, and miles away from any town or city, and employees were required to actually live there. So in order to entice these people, the management jokingly nicknamed the place “Paradise Ranch”
6: Extreme Secrecy
Area 51 is known for the extreme measures it takes in maintaining the secrecy of all operations held in its facilities. Confidentiality is pressed upon everyone, and all employees are required to swear an oath of secrecy. It is said that the buildings located within the complex are mostly windowless so that each group has zero idea about the specifics of what others are doing. Contractors and military personnel are ferried to and from the facility by a fleet of passenger aircrafts operating from a private terminal at McCarran Airtport.
5: Alien Conspiracy Theories
The enormous secrecy surrounding Area 51 has led to a large number of conspiracy theories about the activities going on behind the gates of the military base. The most common accusation is that the US government is harboring aliens and alien technology there. The area has been identified by assorted conspiracy theorists as a place where researchers study captured UFOs and alien life forms. This includes the “alien craft” that supposedly crashed in Roswell in 1947. That year, the Army Air Field at Roswell
4: Alleged Former Employees have “Confirmed” the Alien Theories
In 1989, a man named Bob Lazar added fuel to the Area 51 alien stories when he claimed to be a physicist who used to work in the secret facility, having witnessed at least 9 alien spacecrafts that the military were trying to reverse engineer. In a 1996 documentary film titled Dreamland, a 71 year old former mechanical engineer claims to
1: Spy Planes and Stealth Bombers
Of all the Area 51 facts, the most interesting is that the origins of Area 51’s association with alien life forms might actually stem from decidedly terrestrial roots. In the 50s and 60s, with relations with the Soviet Union worsening, Groom Lake was made the test site for CIA’s Project Aquatone, and later the OXCART program. These were high altitude reconnaissance plane development programs that eventually lead to the production

Econocide in The Kenyon-Barr Renewal Area, West End, Cincinnati

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Produced by kyle hayden for AMS 301 at Miami University under the direction of Damon Scott.

“Econocide (see definition) is present in contemporary gentrification efforts in Over-The-Rhine. Econocide was a side effect of Urban Renewal projects in the mid 20th century in Cincinnati. The justifications for Urban Renewal — and later — gentrification, are the same. The justifications for gentrification (or “urban renaissance” or “revitalization”) just exist in an disguised, coded form.”

Best Ethiopian Food Store in Kansas city Area – Niagara Grocery

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Best Ethiopian Food Store in Kansas City Area
Ethio Mart / Convenience Store 10919 Shawnee Mission Pkwy
Shawnee KS 66203 or Call 913-631-2151

If you are Look for the best place in Shawnee Kansas then look no more we have everything you need and want best Ethiopian store in Kansas, Best Ethiopian store in KansasThe Best Ethiopian Food Recipes on Yummly | Ethiopian Red Lentil Stew – Misir Wot, Ethiopian Chickpeas, Slow Cooker Ethiopian-spiced Chicken And Black Lentil Stew.

Below is a number of 10 yummy Ethiopian foods you must eat before you die, 10 Delicious Ethiopian Foods You Must Eat Before You Die to start with tibs.

How to cook great Ethiopian food the best resource for authentic Ethiopian recipes, Ethiopian Spices, Ethiopian Food images & Ethiopian cooking Videos.

The day I told my friends I was traveling to Ethiopia is the day I learned that Ethiopian food is The Next Big Thing.

Things you need to know about Ethiopian food so you can begin to feast on the best dishes Ethiopia has to offer.

A selection of the best Ethiopian Food recipes as how-to step by step videos Brought to by How To Cook Great.

IMAGINE ETHIOPIAN FOOD WITHOUT BERBERE, the red pepper powder that gives a spicy wot its palatable fire.

Read the Ethiopian Food discussion from the Chowhound General Discussion, Ethiopian food community.

An overview of Ethiopian food, from injera to mixed plates to stews (wats), kitfo, and coffee.

Explore Martina Breuer’s board “Ethiopian Food Recipes” on Pinterest.

Authentic Ethiopian Food and Spices.

How to cook great Ethiopian food the best resource for authentic Ethiopian recipes, Ethiopian Spices, Ethiopian Food images & Ethiopian cooking Videos.

This is the chief spice blend found in Ethiopian cooking, a fragrant blend that’s somewhere between Indian curry and Southwestern chili powder.

Read the Ethiopian cooking discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking, Ethiopian food community.

So it’s an ideal recipe to start with if you are new to Ethiopian cooking.

Behold, eager eaters, the culinary magic that is Ethiopian cooking.

3) Speaking of heat, spice is a huge part of Ethiopian cooking.

Savor traditional Ethiopian cooking from family recipes.

An essential spice in Ethiopian cooking is fenugreek.

Ethiopian Cooking School: Sweet Potato Bread.

Ethiopian Cooking with Pepper and Spice.

Chief Bishop Robert D Tyler – Greater Pittsburgh Area MAD DADS 5th year Celebration – 06-25-2011

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video by David Oleniacz

Greater Pittsburgh Area MAD DADS
Men Against Destruction, Defending Against Drugs and Social Disorder

5th Year Anniversary Celebration & Concert
“Beyond The Block”

Saturday, June 25th, 2011
August Wilson Center

Keynote Speaker:
Chief Bishop Robert D. Tyler

Chief Bishop Robert D. Tyler is the presiding prelate for the
Church of The Living God C.W.F.F., headquartered in Cincinnati,
Ohio. Bishop Tyler, a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, moved to
Omaha, Nebraska in 1966. He was employed by tow of the city’s most
prestigious firms. He worked for HDR (Henningson, Durham and
Richardson), an architectural/engineering firm for 11 years as a graphic
He was then employed by Northern Natural Gas Company (later
InterNorth and subsequently Enron) for 12 years as Art Director for
the Liquid Fuels Group.

The Bishop was called into the ministry in 1974 and ordained
in 1977. He was assigned to pastor a small church in Topeka, Kansas
during the first year of his ministry, made subject to his District
Overseer. The Bishop was called to pastor the Omaha church in 1981.

Bishop Tyler left the corporate world to pastor full time in
1987. He was highly instrumental in the formation of the MAD DADS
organization, a group that empowers men to become guardians of their
own communities. The internationally recognized group has been
visited by 16 countries and awarded by two Presidents. MAD DADS
also received the prestigious Essence Award. Bishop Tyler presently
chairs the organization that is now headquartered in Jacksonville,

Bishop Tyler is one of the country’s strongest and most
knowledgeable experts on drugs and gang violence. The Bishop
understands the issues that produce aberrant behavior in our youth
which, in turn, is affecting minority communities across the country.
His deep insight and keen awareness of the problems associated with
drugs and “at risk youth,” has kept him in demand. He has studied the
far reaching and devastating effects these problems have had on society
on every level, from the home to the office, from the church to the golf
course and from the hidden back alleys to the corporate boardroom.

Men Against Destruction-Defending Against Drugs and Social-Disorder
1342 Traymore Avenue Pittsburgh PA 15221 (412) 371-9188
[email protected]


Greater Pittsburgh Area MAD DADS (GPA MAD DADS) is a
nationally affiliated faith-based Christian Organization that prepares
men to restore safe communities. Our mission is to mobilize, train, and
guide men to impact the issues of drugs, gangs and violence in
Allegheny County. We develop and implement neighborhood street
patrols and community-based programs designed to maintain safer
neighborhoods and communities.

The chapter was certified to function by MAD DADS Inc. national
headquarters May 6, 2006 and is now a best practice chapter of MAD
DADS National. GPA MAD DADS has provided thousands of
community volunteer hours as well as provided a tangible example of
drug free men and women who are community outreach specialists,
showing their concern for youth and young adults.

In addition to implementing MAD DADS signature program,
neighborhood street patrols, GPA MAD DADS volunteers have served
as chaperones, been a visible presence at community events and given
support to anti-violence initiatives in Allegheny County.

The Founding Board of Directors:

Rev. Eugene Blackwell
Charlene Brannon
Bishop Michael Golphin
Rev. Leroy Hicks, Jr.
Ted Johnson
Al Merritt
Vanessa Spencer
George Spencer, Sr.

George C. Spencer, Sr.
1342 Traymore Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15221-2620
Email: [email protected]
Phone (412)371-9188