Massive UFO spotted on the plane over China! Jan 7,2019

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Massive UFO spotted on the plane over China! Jan 7,2019
Witness statement as follows:
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UFO shot on the plane September 12, 2018 中国UFO 厦门上空的UFO
China time, September 12, 2018, 11:00 in the morning, photographed in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China. Shooting tool: iphone 7 plus. Flight KL883, from Amsterdam to Xiamen, China
More details:
中国时间,2018年9月12号上午11点,拍摄于中国福建厦门上空。拍摄工具:iphone 7 plus。航班KL883,从荷兰阿姆斯特丹到中国厦门。

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Ovni a gonesse

Contrail UFO? Location appeared to be in-between Corydon Indiana and Crandall Indiana
Took this late December’18 while heading home from work. Direction video is taken is westerly. Sun was just about set, and I noticed this black object was hanging in the sky while there were other white contrails around it. It seemed much closer than any other contrail, and I sat and watched it for about 5 minutes without any motion relative to the surroundings

Miguel Obreque
Ovni visto el 02/01/2019 en playa Maule de coronel

by : 1realro
Strange lights over Vancouver & Battle Ground Washington..Minutes after causing severe winds and power outages amongst a large area. Fires also reported. This started around midnight, power was restored within hours. As soon as the power was back, THE LIGHT SHOW CONTINUED. Short video but here’s proof of whatever you perceive it as. The world is changing fast. Try your best to keep up and prepare for what’s next, keep faith. Manifest your reality using the mind. It’s much more powerful than you may think. Never forget to ^LOOK UP^

cristian enrique
This is a drone or a UFO? Look at the red light that crosses the screen from side to side!
this in Santiago de Chile minutes before the new year

Bruno Januario
OVNI em Aljubarrota
Strange lights on 01 January 2019 at 1.40 am invaded the village of Aljubarrota, Alcobaça – Portugal

Revival or Riot
Circle kem trials ufo

Mysterious light in clouds Las Vegas 01/06/2019
WEIRD Blanket of fake clouds with MYSTERIOUS LIGHTS FLASHING. This is not the first night I’ve seen it. All thru December 2018 this weirdness has been occurring. In fact something strange happen to me in December as I witnessed this happening. A bright white owl flew over me one night as I was looking into the clouds. I thought it was cool and strange but wait the clouds appear again another night and this time I have my cell phone camera on but this time the owl flies into my into my camera view as I am recording….by this time I’m tripping out. Not over yet and I will post that video of owl flying into view. A few days later me and my brother is outside watching these mysterious lights and clouds, this time its four rings of light forming a quaternary Celtic shape like design. As I’m watching white owl flies over me and my brother only sees it as it is flying over the trees out of view…but what happens next was just weird, a white bat flies in the same path as owl but within a few feet from us. Now I have seen a white owl in person a few years back and that’s another weird story but never saw a white bad. Don’t really know what to make of all this but I definitely seen unidentified flying objects in Las Vegas in the last 3 years.

Crazy ufo sighting Colorado stalker nords


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