Building My Perfect Series Of Doctor Who!

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Picking my perfect series of Who from the new series! If you want to try this yourself, here are my rules:

1. You have 13 episode slots to use (Multi part stories take up as many slots as the length of the story so 2 parter takes up 2 episodes)

2. You have to use a full story, you can’t cherry pick episodes like Utopia or World Enough & Time by themselves.

3. Try to be as close to episode numbers as you can so, your episode 1 can’t be an episode 6 from it’s respective series. I allowed for 1 episode number either side to accommodate 2 parters. For example, this means your episode 3 could be episode 4 or 2 (obviously episode 3 too )from it’s series but that’s all.

4. Have fun watching your perfect series on Netflix or DVD or iPlayer!


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