The Empire Strikes Back on Tatooine (Star Wars V Alien, Dr Who V Daleks: Stop Motion Diorama)

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It’s a Trap! The Empire Strikes Back in Attack on Jabba’s Palace episode 8 – Alternative Return of the Jedi Star Wars action figure stop motion animation diorama, Robot Chicken style! Dr Who #4 (Tom Baker) & Dune Fremen warrior, Stilgar return as Luke Skywalker, Leia, Lando, Chewbacca, Admiral Ackbar & a squad of Rebel Commandos, Troopers & Soldiers encounter Boba Fett & an Imperial Assault on Tatooine…the Daleks exterminate rocks, Oola ‘entertains’…Sgt Apone’s colonial marines love the corps & Alien eggs & facehuggers lurk close to the Millennium Falcon guns. New sci-fi crossover star wars action figure short story: Dune movie 1984, classic dr who, star wars rotj and Alien 1979 crossover stop motion. Also, a farting rebel soldier who thinks he’s on LV 426.

Shout out to Joe Vevers comic Dalek voices!

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