Breath of the Wild’s Cut Content – Dinosaurs & Aliens – Dr Lava #11

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Episode 11: Breath of the Wild’s Top 4 Cut Content – 6 more divine beasts, aliens invading hyrule, more items, and the return of the Minish.

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Correction: Minish Cap was on Gameboy Advance, not Gameboy Color. And Goron Mount Rushmore WAS in the game, somehow I never noticed it and when I saw the concept art for it, I thought it was unused.


Fujibayashi & Takizawa quotes in Aliens section – Making of Breath of the Wild mini-documentary:

Concept art: Breath of the Wild Masterworks, coming to the US in English in November 2018

Little villages also came from Making of BOTW mini-doc:

Fujibayashi Kotaku interview about hookshot, beetle, and Wii U gamepad:

Aonuma with IGN about double hookshot: