Dr Who Review, Part 8 – The Sylvester McCoy Era

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The eighth episode in my ongoing series of reviews, with analysis, of the BBC science-fiction show, Doctor Who.

In this part, the era of the Seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy, is considered. We look at how producer, John Nathan-Turner, was forced to undertake the unpleasant task of replacing the lead and how he came to choose the eccentric McCoy for the role. The pressure of TV execs and protest groups to tone down the show’s violent excesses and how this led to a rather tame and camp version of what went before is looked at before we consider how the show finally regained its stride, producing some of the best ever episodes before its untimely demise.

Chapter Selection:
0:00 THAT phone call (reconstruction)
1:28 JNT, Dr Who and the BBC
2:48 The end of the Sixth Doctor
6:13 A troubled genesis
7:12 Casting the Seventh Doctor
8:31 Sylvester McCoy
11:51 The regeneration
13:25 The Seventh Doctor
18:54 Season 24
21:24 Mel Bush
23:55 Ace
25:46 Remembrance of the Daleks
28:17 Time’s Champion
31:19 Ben Aaronovitch and the subtext
34:27 Emotional depth
36:40 The Kandyman
37:45 A drop in viewers
40:11 The Curse of Fenric
42:40 An early story-arc
44:46 Farewell… for now


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