UFO observations on the moon began to increase! Nov 6,2018

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UFO observations on the moon began to increase! Nov 6,2018

Alex Usatov
Луна и НЛО 🛸

Amirreza Milad
UFO in gothenburg
A strange flying object caught in the sky of Gothenburg.Huge like a building,moving and changing in shape🤯😱

The Duke
Strange Light appears out of Dark Vertical Clouds over Denver Colorado
This video was taken from the 23rd floor of a skyrise in Denver Colorado at 6:00a.m. on the 25th of October 2018. I noticed the strange vertical clouds first and started to record, but 40 seconds into recording, a bright light starts to appear as if it is coming out of the bottom of the lower cloud. The light proceeds to fall from the cloud very slowly, and looks to have a trail of flame behind it, or maybe splitting into separate pieces. Can anyone explain this to me?

Ufo- HEB New Braunfels 11-2-18

Strange lights over twin span slidell louisiana 645pm 10.8.18
Storming high winds ao i dont rhink they were drones. Video disnt pick it up but there multi colored lights spinning around them. About 50 feet over the road.

Strange clouds
The location is Alpharetta GA.


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