Area 51, Groom Lake Rd. CAMO DUDES 2017

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Filmed on 5-7-17
This is a part 2 of my last video of my 3 day trip to all the gates at Area 51. On this video I go to the main gate on Groom Lake Road. I spent about an hour at the gate, and thought where are the Camo Dudes. As I left I saw a road that went up a hill so I took it, and stopped. To my surprise the Camo Dudes were on top of a different hill, and were watching me the entire time. As I was driving away from the main gate about 5 miles past it. I saw a large dust cloud behind me, and saw headlights heading for me. As I stopped they turned their headlights off, and starting going almost at an idle speed. I didn’t see the truck until it was around 50 feet from my rear bumper. I took off, and they followed me for about a mile. Its pretty intense when your alone in the middle of nowhere, and you have Camo Dudes following you that close. Please enjoy, and look for part 3. Where I get the camo dudes faces on film at the 3rd gate.